Easy star quilt

Despite putting myself on a fabric purchasing ban, a trip to Spotlight to pick up a backing fabric for my son’s quilt proved too much temptation for me! I have no willpower when it comes to fabric, none at all!

A friend’s impending arrival gave me the initial excuse for new fabric, the cuteness of all the llama fabric (my fave animal is the alpaca) meant I finished off my trip with a full trolley.

I grabbed three fabrics from Kat Kalindi Cameron’s Space Junk quilting fabric.


After contemplating the gorgeous fabric, I decided to try a star quilt pattern. I did a bit of internet research and found this great tutorial by Amy Smart on the Bernina website.

I cut 8 white and 8 navy 10 inch square, and after stitching 4 of each together to make the triangle blocks, I arranged the 16 squares together to form the central star.


I used the light blue for the back and I quilted using double diagonal lines and finished with the navy fabric as the binding.


I’m very pleased with this effort, and most importantly, it was loved and appreciated by the recipient. I really need to make a quilt for me to keep!

Alice ooxx



SO, I’m a terrible blogger. Life has definitely got in the way over the last couple of years and I’ve struggled to find the inspiration to write anything that could be of any interest!

But, I have a new passion, sewing. I’ve decided to make this blog, mostly dedicated to my projects, triumphs and failures.

If you have zero interest here’s your chance to take the first exit.

I’m going to restart this blog with a bit of a photo montage of some of my completed projects over the last couple of months. I hope you enjoy.