Quirky websites I love

I’m being quite crafty lately, but I’ve got to keep it quiet, (Christmas present recipients might be reading!) so just watch this space till after Christmas, perhaps make yourself a cup of tea while you wait.

In the meantime I’ve decided to share a few of the quirky websites that I love.

Angry people in local newspapers

This website has had me in hysterics since I first discovered it a couple of years ago. I’ve even submitted a photo or two. I’ve been known to do few set shots for my local paper (so no submitting my photo!), but these photos are taken to another level courtesy of Alistair Coleman’s captions.

Four images showing angry people in local newspapers

An assortment of my personal favourite angry people

Kim Jong-Il looking at things

The original (and the best!) ‘looking at things’ tumblr, this blog is almost unexplainable funny. Trust me, it is!

If you catch the ‘looking at things’ bug also checkout:

Croon shoes, spotted by Allira. Available here: http://croonbangkok.tumblr.com/

Emergency compliment

What it sounds like, for those days where you’re particularly down. Click refresh if the first compliment doesn’t quite hit the spot. Favourite so far: You’re not crazy, they’re 100% into you.

So on and so forth

The only non-humour site on the list, this is one of coolest of the design blogs going around, created/curated by the amazing Allira. This blog feature some great amazing finds from around the world. From vegetable inspired jewellery to the latest in stationary to the most amazing shoes I have ever seen (look right!), Allira never fails to deliver. Subscribe now!

No doubt I have forgotten a few, so I’m hoping to make a regular go of this. Now go forward and laugh and/or shop!