Toddler Party Madness

Charlie and my Dad, on his first birthday.

Charlie and my Dad, on his first birthday.

So, Charlie turns 3 in exactly a month and I’ve yet to plan anything for his celebration.

He’s got to the age where he understands about parties and calls them all birthday parties. In his toddler brain a party is only complete if it includes cake, blowing out candles and presents. He’s reasonably easy to please.

Last year we held it at our house, in our tiny little lounge room, while it rained outside. It was easy, not that stressful (people brought food to share) and involved some very fun puddle jumping later in proceedings. But it was squishy, super squishy.

This year I wanted to avoid the peak hour tram feeling and perhaps have the party somewhere else. Unfortunately it needs to be inside because in all likelihood it will cold and wet.

Completely lost for ideas, I turned to google and discovered Purple Party People Melbourne. Which is a blog devoted to ‘discovering unique kids party venues and ideas around Melbourne’. Within minutes I had discovered Fire Engine Rides and The Little Picnic, but darn, both of these awesome party ideas are outside.

I read on and found Apples & Jam, which is looks amazing, which means it might be a bit costly for a 3 year old’s birthday party.

So I think it is back to the drawing board, unless anyone else has some grand ideas?


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